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Nikos: The Greek's Mistress

Nikos Stravanos is a simple man, who has his world destroyed when the only woman he's ever loved walks out on him and disappears into the night. It doesn't matter that it was his secret that caused it, he can only see her leaving as an act of betrayal and his soul demands retribution for this.

Ada Wright is not mistress material, so when she finds out Nikos has a long-standing arrangement with a fellow Greek family to marry their daughter, she leaves him the very same night. She knows she can't risk bending her morals to stay with him...even if he is the love of her life. Love, betrayal, and retribution all play a factor in this short tale of two people who can't seem to let each other go. Can they make this work or will their relationship dissolve in the same flames that started them?


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Luca: The Italian's Secret


Luca Rossi is a man in complete control of his world. He keeps loyal people around him and protects his family with his own wealth and power. For a businessman with a shady past, he'd come a long way.


So when he runs into his University sweetheart he is unprepared for the turbulent consequences. He finds himself chasing a woman who is determined to do things her own way and is hiding secrets of her own. Can they make it work this time around?


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Dmitri: The Russian's Christmas Suprise

Dmitri "The Jackal" Pavlov was a changed man. After years of working for The Red House, he was finally free. He settles in Chicago, using the large metropolitan city to hide in plain sight. There he meets Eden Turner. A beautiful, complicated woman who touches his heart. It doesn't take long for their explosive chemistry to bring them together.

When Eden tells Dmitri of their Christmas surprise, he is over the moon. But when his past catches up with him everything changes. What will Eden do when Dmitri turns into "The Jackal" once more to protect their family? Can their love survive this test?


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Julian: Taming the Figher

Julian Stravanos is a changed man looking for his purpose in life. He’d achieved every goal he’d ever set, and he was still missing something. He decides he needs a life reboot and moves to a small town in Illinois to open a martial arts academy. There he meets the most interesting woman alive. There’s only one problem she is not interested in him, at all.  

Bella Denton knows what she wants in life and Julian Stravanos... that’s not it. He is famous, gorgeous, and richer than a king, almost an exact copy of her ex. He’s the last man a girl like her wants to get involved in. She’d chosen to move to this small town because she wanted a quiet life. She’d lived in the fast lane once before in New York City and the flames she’d set there still burned her to this day.


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Alex: Beauty and the Greek

Alex Stravanos is a logical man. One night with some woman shouldn’t affect his life, but it does. He craves more time with her. However, the enchantress gave him a fake name so he can‘t act on his desires. When he runs into her at his brother's retirement fight, he decides to pursue her until she is fully out of his system. What he doesn’t know is that Tara has a secret of her own, one that could break them as a couple.

Do you want to see what happens when a serious man falls in love with a woman who lives by her own rules? Check this book out.


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Maks: The Mountain Man's Crush

Maks Stravanos is a simple man. He lives every day like it’s his last. He learned the hard way that tomorrow is never promised. But even he knows the party can’t go on forever. After years on the road, he finds himself lost and his art suffers. He retires to his fortress in the mountains, the one place he’s ever really called home.  One day while visiting his brother, he bumps into his secretary.  A woman who hides her beauty under misshapen suits and a sharp tongue. He tries to let her go, but every time they meet his instincts scream at him to take her for his own. He’s never been a man to chase a woman, but chase he shall if it means getting Leslie into his bd. She isn’t a fool. Once burned, twice shy. She knew what Maks was really like under that charming Mountain Man persona. And anyway she’s on a mission to spice up her life. She already has a sexy makeover planned, and she doesn’t have time to deal with a man who can’t even remember her face. She decides to avoid him at all costs, but fate can be a real dick sometimes. After a deadly run-in with a now dead serial killer, she is banished to the mountains of Colorado to heal up and guess who owns the freaking mountain. Maks has decided that he wants her and every day he gets harder to resist. Maybe it’s the Colorado air... maybe she’s a dumbass. She knows in her heart that Maks is trouble and hot damn, trouble has never looked so good!!!!




Aidan: One Night with the Doctor

Aidan Tura is a man with a plan. He lived his life just as he liked. He was a surgeon at a prestigious hospital, he'd earned countless awards in his career, and he was surrounded by good family and friends. Some would say his life was as close to perfect as it could be. But when he runs into his college sweetheart everything changes. She was his one mistake. He'd walked away from her to pursue his dreams. Seeing her again reminds him of all of the beautiful things he'd left behind.

Anita Walker was a woman who learned lessons. It was why she was at the top of her field. She was neurosurgeon who was famous for her surgical techniques. When a case brings her face to face with her ex, they began a game of sorts. Aidan wants her back, but Anita knows he is a man who can't be trusted.

When a patient puts her in danger. Aidan is forced to ask two very bad people for help. Can Aidan protect the woman he loves and if so, can he convince her to take another chance on him?




Bad Guys Finish First: The Sandman and The Librarian

The Sanctuary Series Book 1

Sometimes you need a killer to get the job done.....

The Sandman and The Librarian were from different sides of the war, but they carried the same kind of gun. He was a man known for his stealth kills. She was a woman who'd never missed a target. Together they were invincible or so they thought. When the Sanctuary is exposed and deadly secrets are revealed will they chose each other over survival? One never knows when killers are involved.




The Last Man Standing: The Surgeon and The Mechanic

Can a former Yakuza leader and a bitter CIA agent forget the past and accept the love between them?

Yuuto Tanaka was a man who believed in only his will. His father had taught him the hard way that the only thing a man could rely on was himself. When he'd walked away from his clan he'd kept that idea at the forefront of his mind. Then one day he met Rhea Williams and his whole world changed. She was the woman he never knew he needed. All of a sudden he has a new family, a scorned woman, and a bounty on his head. One thing was for certain however this ended, Rhea would always be his. Even if he had to kill a few people to make it work.

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Last-Man-Standing-Mechanic-Sanctuary-ebook/dp/B07SSNYFMW/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=tc+clark&qid=1569773305&sr=8-1 


Dark Times for the Wicked: The Forecaster and the Hunter

Fabian Benard was a man on a mission. Yes, he was here to save the world but his primary objective was his ex wife. He wanted her back. Before tragedy ripped their worlds apart they were the perfect husband and wife assassination team. Now she wanted nothing more than to keep him in her past.

Willow knew what Fabian wanted and she wasn't having any part of it. She'd barely survived walking away from him. She was free again and free she would stay. She'd learned the hard way how love could hurt. What happens when a lone wolf and a cerebral assassin reconnect, tune in here...

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VMQR4W1?notRedirectToSDP=1&ref_=dbs_pwh_calw_2&storeType=ebooks 

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The Irishman's Redemption: Ghost and Kara's Story

Tune in October 5th for the story of Ghost and Kara...