How to build your daily writing habit

Good or bad any habit takes time to grow. If you want to be a full-time writer you have to develop some type of writing routine. Right now I still work my full-time job and that requires a lot of energy and time. But, I understand that if I want to transition into a full-time writing career then I have to make time to put the words on paper. There are three factors that I believe you should address in order to increase your daily word count.

First pick a time of a day that is productive to you. Surprisingly I write better in the evening despite everyone saying I should do it in the morning. I use to try to force myself to get up super early to write before work and every morning without fail I would struggle through that hour and a half. That time would leave me feeling like a failure because I just couldn’t seem to meet my daily word count goal. After months of failed attempts I decided to try writing sprints. Three times in the evening I would write for 35 minutes intervals. I saw my word count dramatically increase and also my attitude for writing in general became more positive. That simple change helped me gain traction and improve my writing overall.

Second find a writing space that helps you to get mentally ready for your type of writing. I have an area in my room in a small corner where I get most of my writing done for the day. I also got some cheap noise canceling headphones that help to keep me on track when I’m trying to get into the zone.

The third and final factor is to eliminate negative influences from your life. That can range from drinking too heavily, judgmental or negative people or other mood altering behaviors. I’ve cut my inner circle of friends down to two and if anyone is negative or inspires negative emotions in me I remove them from my life or significantly limit the amount of time I spend with them. I also used to love having a glass of wine with my dinner but it often relaxed me too much and affected my focus so I cut that out as well. In order to make a significant change in your life sometimes sacrifice is necessary.

Obviously I don’t know you or how your life works so these tips are just general guidelines. Maybe your only time to write is in the morning so you will have to develop a routine based on that time of day or maybe you have kids and that limits the creative workspace you can create for yourself. The honest truth is that if you want to be a writer of any sort you have to make the necessary adjustments to make that happen. Take stock of your life and create guidelines for yourself. Switch things up until you find out what works for you. I like writing daily but I have friends who write strictly on the weekend and that works best for them. But building a habit is an important step for any writer to develop.

My main advice to you is to keep trying, keep creating and always keep writing.

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