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Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Hiya bookworms, so I know what your thinking what in the freak are writing sprints? This method helped me when I was trying to increase my productivity as a writer. I struggled with reaching word count goals and the more I stressed about obtaining them the worst it got.

Now there is one major thing you should know about me when I get super stressed I shut down. I’m talking about a full-blown survival of the fittest type of shutdown. I’m pretty sure its a defensive mechanism but it's a pretty big character flaw for sure and it definitely has hurt my writing over the years.

Right now I’m out of school and I have the time to tackle this writing thing. Yet I still struggled with putting pen to paper, the stress of producing content to publish under a public name got to me and I was right back to where I started.

I had countless stories and various dialogs running through my head but when I sat down to write, I drew a blank. So I searched for a way for me to not only manage my time better but also to produce written words as quickly and as efficiently as possible. I came across this term, “writing sprints,” and I thought, that’s it.

Writing Sprints are when you sit and write for a designated time without stopping. It works best if you just continue to write during that time without pausing to correct grammar or story mistakes. I found that if I timed my writing and forgot about the word count it would eliminate the stress of producing a certain amount of words and that would allow my stories to flow freely.

So I started it at just 30 minutes a day at first and that got me 500 words (at least) per day and then I slowly started to increase the amount of sprints I did daily while maintaining the timed window at 30 minutes. Even now my minimum is one writing sprint a day and I typically complete that on my lunch break.

I wanted to introduce this method to you because it helped to change the way I write and actually helped my writing process go a lot smoother. So eliminate the stress and throw out the word count goals, pull out a timer, and get to writing.

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