Nikos: The Greek's Mistress

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Release Date: By September 10th 2018

Nikos Stravanos is a simple man who has his world destroyed when the one woman he's ever loved walks out on him and disappears into the night. It doesn't matter that it was his secret that caused it, he can only see her leaving as an act of betrayal and his soul demands retribution for this.

Ada smith is not mistress material, so when she finds out Nikos has a long standing arrangement with a fellow Greek family to marry their daughter, she leaves him the very same night. She knows she can't risk bending her morals to stay with the one man she loves more than she'd ever believed possible.

Love, betrayal, and retribution all play a factor in this short tale of two people who can't seem to let each other go....Can they make this work or will their relationship dissolve in the same flames that started them...

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