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Hi and welcome back to my small corner of the webiverse. My name is T.C. Clark and I’m an author. I spend all of my free time trying to create worlds that readers want to visit. This act takes a lot of time and a bit of hard work.

I am a novice at this writing game and at times find it almost impossible to do. I believe I find it hard to get started because of how much work it takes to create. I find myself facing resistance even though this is something that I truly love.

I have to write on the edges of my day as I have a full time job and a full time life. So I needed to figure out away to produce my words while maintaining my sanity and voila there it was….writing sprints.

Writing sprints are specified time periods where a person writes uninterrupted until the sprint is completed. This time is up to the writer. I know writers who do hour long writing sprints and I also know ones that do theirs in five minutes.

For me fifteen is the magic number. This gives me more than enough time to get started and a small enough time that in turn makes me want to write long after the timer has beeped. I’m completing my current novella by doing four fifteen minute sprints a day.

This method has helped because it permits me to focus for a certain period of time, thus allowing my brain to enter into the creative flow state. To say this is a game changer is an understatement. Practicing this method has massively cut down on the stress associated with my daily word count goals. I monitor my sprints and track my word counts to see if I can make any changes to improve my productivity.

If you attempt this, start small. The more success you have the more likely you are to turn this into a daily habit. We all know that building a daily writing habit can make it possible for you to become more prolific and with more words...comes more readers.

If you are struggling with reaching a certain word count goal maybe you could try this method out. Let me know if you do in the comments below. Good luck and happy writing :)

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