Julian: Taming the Fighter

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

So this is what happens when you mix a former MMA fighter and a quirky bookstore owner..... A Wallflower Series Novella.... Julian Stravanos is a changed man looking for his purpose in life. He’d achieved every goal he’d ever set, and he was still missing something. He decides he needs a life reboot and moves to a small town in Illinois to open a martial arts academy. There he meets the most interesting woman alive. There’s only one problem she is not interested in him, at all. Bella Denton knows what she wants in life and Julian Stravanos... that’s not it. He is famous, gorgeous, and richer than a king, almost an exact copy of her ex. He’s the last man a girl like her wants to get involved in. She’d chosen to move to this small town because she wanted a quiet life. She’d lived in the fast lane once before in New York City and the flames she’d set there still burned her to this day. Want to see what happens when a determined man pursues an elusive woman? Tune in here on December 31, 2018.

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