My 2019 Writing Goals

Hello to everyone and anyone out there my name is T.C. Clark and I am living my dream by publishing light romantic reads with lots of drama and sass. This is my first year really trying to do this. I hope I will get better as time progresses. My goal is to learn with practice. I'm the first to admit that I need work. I'm a brand new indie author and I'm doing my best to provide some short fun reads. But I've actually gained some fans and I wanted to say Thank you!!!!!

My love and dedication to the people who actually enjoy my short stories will keep me going. My goal is to publish one novella by the end of each month until the end of 2019. I plan on finishing the Wallflowers/Sanctuary Series and starting two new ones next year.

Book Release 2018: Interracial Contemporary Romance Novellas (BWWM): Wallflower's Series 1. Nikos: The Greek's Mistress 09/16/2018 2. Luca: The Italian's Secret 10/10/2018 3. Dmitri: The Russian's Christmas Baby 11/28/2018 4. Julian: Taming the Fighter 12/31/2018 5. Alex: Beauty and the Geek 01/30/2019 6. Maks: The Mountain Man's Crush 02/27/2019 7. Aidan: A Night with the Doctor 03/30/2019

Interracial Contemporary Thriller Romance Novellas/Novels: The Sanctuary: Can killers find love? 1. The Sandman and The Librarian 04/30/2019 2. The Surgeon and The Hunter 05/30/2019 3. The Forecaster and The Chemist 06/30/2019

Plain Jane BWWM Series:

1. The Billionaire's Secretary 07/30/2019

2. His Secret Baby 08/30/2019

3. The Lawyer's Nanny 09/30/2019

The Terren Sisters: Secret Alpha Mates:

1. Taken by the King 10/30/2019 2. Marked by the Warlord 11/30/2019 3. Protected by the Outlaw 12/30/2019

I hope you join me on my writing journey. I will put together a mailing list soon. Happy reading and thank you again... every happy review makes me smile!!!!!

T.C. Clark :)

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