Aidan: One Night with The Doctor

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

A Wallflower's Novella...

Aidan Tura is a man with a plan. He lived his life just as he liked. He was a surgeon at a prestigious hospital, he'd earned countless awards in his career, and he was surrounded by good family and friends. Some would say his life was as close to perfect as it could be. But when he runs into his college sweetheart everything changes. She was his one mistake. He'd walked away from her to pursue his dreams. Seeing her again reminds him of all of the beautiful things he'd left behind.

Anita Walker was a woman who learned lessons. It was why she was at the top of her field. She was neurosurgeon who was famous for her surgical techniques. When a case brings her face to face with her ex, they began a game of sorts. Aidan wants her back, but Anita knows he is a man who can't be trusted.

When a patient puts her in danger. Aidan is forced to ask two very bad people for help. Can Aidan protect the woman he loves and if so, can he convince her to take another chance on him?

*Alert: A baby cliffhanger for the Sanctuary squad*

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