November Release: Alek Seducing the Hitman will be available on Amazon soon

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November and December Releases

**Updated** I wanted to send out an update on all of the releases in November and December. Alek: Seducing the Hitman will be available on 12/04/20 on Amazon, and I've set up a brand new preorder for those of you who want to get it first. Patreon members on tier $5.00+ and Beta Readers will receive Part 1 on 11/26/2020 by 11pm and Part 2 (Completed book) on 11/29/20 by 11pm

November and December Releases:

  • November 30, 2020 The Sanctuary Bundle Book 1-4

  • December 4, 2020, Alek: Seducing the Hitman (Patreon 5.00 +tier-11/26/20 Part 1 and 11/29/20 Part 2 (Completed Book 1) by 11 pm)

  • December 19, 2020, Kelese: Christmas with the Queen of Brooklyn (free copy delivered to Patreon 5.00+tier-12/17/2020 by 11 pm) P.S. my paranormal romance will be published under T.C. Marie.

Also, I'm making a bundle for the Campbell Brothers Series in December. In that bundle, I plan on doing a small story about Ansley to include in the Campbell Brother's Series. Ansley's story will be sent out for free to my 5.00+ tier on my Patreon as soon as it's finished. As a thank you for your patience I'm sending all of my Patreon members the Sanctuary Series Bundle for free on November 30, 2020 (or sooner).

I start working part-time at my job in January, which means more books. As stressful as this year has been for everyone, I'm so glad I didn't stop writing. Writing in 2020 amidst all of this turmoil has proven to me how much I love this work.

After these next two releases, I plan on setting up new preorders for the 1st part of 2020 and hitting the next year with a bang. I'm also going to create some online courses for writing your first novella. Let me know if any of you are interested in something like that.

Christmas with the Queen of Brooklyn will be sent out to beta readers and Patreon on December 17, 2020, and will be available on Amazon on December 19, 2020. For those of you who are interested here is my Publishing Schedule for 2021 for both contemporary and paranormal series (2 releases on the last day of every other month).

  • January 31st

  • March 31st

  • May 31st

  • July 31st

  • September 31st

  • November 31st

I'm sorry for postponing my releases for these new series. I've been coping with some other issues in my personal life and I'm finally in the right mind frame to work on my new series. I would much rather postpone a release to give my readers the best possible version of my story even if that means moving a deadline. I really appreciate you guys for your emails and well wishes.

I have really worked hard on developing these two series and I hope you enjoy them. Thank you guys for tuning in and know that I appreciate your support. I hope you guys have a safe and wonderful holiday filled with love and blessings. I will see you guys soon.


T.C. Clark

P.S. Here is the updated Synopsis for Alek's you can see, I've changed it quite a bit from the original one. I really hope you guys enjoy his story.

Another tale featuring: Everlasting love with a sensual bite!

Alek Hansen has spent years outrunning his past. It took years, but he was finally settling into his new life. So when an old friend calls in a favor, he isn't happy. But Alek had a thing about honor, and he knew he couldn't ignore his call. So, being the excellent friend that he is, he hops on a plane and enters a world filled with white-collar crime, bounty seeking killers, and a deadly virus. This world is familiar to him, but not the woman who saves his life.

Elsa Wentworth was not a person who attended parties, but after some recent events at her previous place of employment, she decides a change of pace is exactly what she needs. She reunites with her former bestie with the hopes of figuring out her next step in life. Elsa reluctantly agrees to a night of fun, and they arrive at their destination buzzed and wary. But as soon as she looks around, all of the red flags in her common sense go off. After a series of unfortunate events, she ends going on the run with a hitman with a heart of gold.

After that night, Elsa becomes Alek's responsibility, and the sexy scientist has all kinds of feelings about his decision. Alek and Elsa go on a journey that forces them to examine the fragile love that is growing between them.

Can they survive in this new world or will Alek's past finally catch up to him and end their love before they can really begin?

Tune in here to find out....

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