Author Update: Ghost Submitted to Amazon :) + Preview of Nikos: The Greek's Downfall....

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

I submitted Ghost: The Irishman's Redemption to Amazon late last night and it is still in the reviewing process it should go LIVE soon. As soon as its available in all the stores I will send out an email. It should get approved soon:

Now that I'm finally done with his story I've restarted on Nikos: The Greek's Downfall. I plan on working on that novella all next week.

Here is a small taste of what is to come....

(First pre-edited version...could change before its released)

Nikos Stravanos was the kind of man who didn't believe in failure. Men like that were easy to spot. They carried an aura of loss around them. They typically complained about how life screwed them. Nikos believed if life screwed you, turn around, and screw it back.

For example, take this situation with his company. He had worked hard to build it from the ground up. He had no one around to help him, no inheritance, to ease the way. He was a self-made man.

And now because of a few offhand comments about a weak chinned politician, people were threatening to boycott him. They dubbed him the Greek beast and depicted him as a heartless ass in the international press.

What the press didn't know was that the same politician they adored used to beat his wife daily. Now, Nikos was no hero, but when he found Agora Thompson hiding in a bathroom trying to cover the bruises, her husband left from the night before. He'd decided to help her.

At the time, Agora hadn't believed escape was possible for her or her daughter, but Nikos knew better. Money made everything possible. When her husband, Charlie Thompson, found them staying at one of his penthouses. Nikos had taught him what it felt like to be beaten.

Agora and Charles's divorce was finalized two months later. Since then, Charlie had made it his goal to destroy Nikos' reputation.

Charlie was a master at utilizing the media, and it hadn't taken long before people started to turn against him. At first, Nikos hadn't cared about what people were saying behind his back. But he slowly realized that words, especially those repeated over time had a lasting effect.

That's why he was here sitting in a boardroom filled with yes men who were afraid to speak out against him. He would have to talk to Jefferey about the people they'd hired.

After yet another unsatisfying PR meeting, he'd dismissed his team and cleared the conference room.

"This PR company, Jeffery hired, is useless."

"You don't actually make things easy," his secretary said from her seat on the far side of the room.

He had to catch himself from rolling his eyes. His secretary was the only person who was brave enough to speak her mind openly to him.

At fifty-seven, Pearl Washington was a grandmother of three and easily the scariest woman he'd ever met.


"Seriously, Nikos. You went on a firing spree last week, then your Ex-girlfriend Erica is doing some sort of expose on you on E news, and now a reporter has you on tape calling Charlie Thompson a woman beating prick. I know what you did to help Agora, but we have to address these issues now. Before it starts to affect your business as a whole. You wouldn't even consider any of the options the PR team offered. Please just look at the proposals. I don't want to see someone like Charlies Thompson hurt you. "

Pearl was serious and he couldn't ignore that. If she was worried then Charlie was doing more damage than he thought.

"I know you've already read through all of the reports. Did you see anything that could work for me and please don't mention any of the bullshit they tried to convince me to do during our meeting."

Pearl laughed." Yeah, I don't know who was in charge of the proposal this morning but they really don't know you. I did see one that I thought would be good. I'm sure you'll still hate it but its simple and effective and I know those are your two favorite words."

Nikos sipped his black coffee. "Spit it out."

"In one proposal the PR team developed a complete program with a new Marketing Strategy to revamp your profile. They want to add a writer that specializes in this sort of thing. They already have one in mind and they want her to do a seies of articles on the charities you sponsor."

Nikos scowled. That was definitely not going to happen.. "Absolutely not. I sponsor those charities because I want to, not so society can think I’m a good man. Fuck society. ”

Pearl nodded. “I thought you’d say that so I personally chose three new charities that you should have no feelings about whatsoever. The writer they want to use is excellent. With this plan we get to help out the community and add some good press to your name. It's a win all around, Nikos. I can have the writer stop by to follow you next week.”

“I don’t have time for that.”

"Nikos, you need to make time. This is serious, you've worked to hard to let a bunch of assholes take you down....

**That's all for now. I plan on doing a lot of writing next week. I have so many plans for the next few weeks. I'll check back in with you guys for another author update next Sunday and as always I hope you continue to stay tuned.**

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