Canceling the Preorder for Bad Guys Finish First, New Release date by 05/05/2019

So, I just heard back from my new editor and my book will not be ready in time to meet Amazon's pre-order deadline which is Friday April 26,2019. As an author with a pre-order in place you must have the final version ready and uploaded four days before the release date. I have the rough version currently uploaded and technically the edited version will back to me on Thursday so I could work on the suggested changes and probably have an okay version available to meet the pre-order deadline, but I typically need at least a week to go through the suggested changes and fix any story flow issues she notices, along with any grammar issues she flags.

Also, I learned a valuable lesson with Maks: The Mountain Man's Crush. That was my toughest book by far. The day the book was due to Amazon (on the pre-order schedule) I was in a really bad car accident and I hadn't uploaded the final version. I was in another city and unable to come home to retrieve and post the final version, so the rough version went live and I regretted it immediately.

I want to get better as an author with every book I create. I had a lot of orders for this one, so this was a very tough decision to make. But I want every book you receive from me from this point on to be the best version I can create. I hope all of you will stick with me through this. I still plan on putting books out monthly and I will give you the date of the next release in the

back of every book. For the foreseeable future I will no longer do pre-orders. If you want to know when I have a new book available subscribe to my website.

I will send out emails to my subscribers as soon as they are live. This book will be live by May 5th, 2019. I'm going to upload it to Amazon late Saturday night. I want to do one more read through on Saturday (I still may upload it earlier, depending on when I get off on Friday, I just wanted to extend the date to be safe). I want this story to be EPIC- Thanks guys, I hope you tune in on May 5th to find out what happens with the Sandman and the Librarian :)

Upcoming Release Schedule:

The Sanctuary Series

Bad Guys Finish First (BWWM)-May 5, 2019

Lily Denton: The Librarian

Sandy Orlov: The Sandman

The Last Man Standing (AMBW)-June 8, 2019

Yuuto Tanaka The Surgeon

Rhea Williams: The Mechanic

Dark Times for the Wicked (BWWM)-July 13, 2019

Willow Parker: The Hunter

Fabian Benard: The Forecaster

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