Cole: Love on the Run Preorder Update + Future Releases

Updated Pre-order release date: 03/25/20

I called Amazon today to extend the preorder release date for Cole: Love on the Run. I was sure I was going to have it ready and then I got the flu and stopped living for a week. I'm sorry for anyone that's waiting for his story. Trust me, I am ready for Cole to be done as well. I've been working on his manuscript for nearly two months.

On 03/25/2020 it will be live in the Amazon store (I will not extend it again). However, I've realized that I'm going to have to start releasing my books every two months. I have to be honest here, I really wanted to go back to publishing monthly but between my full time job, my family, and graduate school there isn't much time left and each month it gets harder and harder to deliver my words on time.

Slowly, I've realized I was starting to feel that same burnout that I felt last year and I cannot go through that again. I love writing and I don't want to do anything to make that change.

I want to publish 100 books in my lifetime and I also want to increase the word counts of my books and improve their quality as well. I now understand that means I'm going to have to put more time in between the release dates.

I hope you can understand that and I'm sorry for the extension but I refuse to have another preorder fiasco like last time. On 03/25/2020, the right version will be live in the Amazon store and the future preorders will be listed 2 months apart.

This added time will ensure that I wont need to extend future preorders and gives me more time to focus on the quality of each book. Thank you guys for always being positive and kind, and as always I hope you continue to stay tuned :)

Updated Synopsis:

A sexy story of a complicated alpha male with a heart of gold. Another tale featuring everlasting love with a sensual bite! Cole Campbell wasn’t interested in love, relationships, or anything else that could slow him down. He became a private investigator to help people in need. His goals were all that mattered, at least until he met Mel. Mel Robbins is tired of adulting. She’d spent the last year of her life looking after her ailing father and now it was time for her to have some fun. Before she’d returned home to help her family she’d worked as a wildlife biologist in the northern mountains of Canada. It was time for a break. When her cousin offers her use of her flat in the UK, Mel jumps at the chance. She arrives with only one goal… live for today. Seeing her father so close to death reminded her that life didn’t allow for an encore. Everything is going just as Mel expected until she witnesses the kidnapping of a little girl. She can’t trust anyone else to help her. She’d seen the police laughing with the suspected captors. She decides to attempt the rescue herself. Her actions drop her into a world filled with serial killers, espionage, and a sexy private investigator. Unfortunately, now that Mel was involved she was in danger too, a danger that Cole Campbell was determined to protect her from. She couldn’t deny her interest in the brooding PI. There was something about his strength and determination that called to something primitive deep within her. Can Cole save Mel from her new enemies? Will Mel teach Cole what true love is? Find out here in this sexy tale about two lost souls who accidentally find love…. Cole and Mel's story can be read as a standalone better if devoured in order...

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