Cole: Love on the Run is LIVE, Covid-19 update, what happened with the Preorder?

Updated: Apr 1

Hello everyone,

(Cole: Love on the Run is LIVE, you can click on the image to take you to his page)

As you know the world has been... interesting lately. Like all of you the Coronavirus has affected every part of my life from my job to grad school to my personal life, everything was crazy. I'm a lab manager at a compounding pharmacy, so we are classified as essentials and are asked to work. But as it stands because of the type of services we provide I've been working 50+ hours a week and to say I don't have the ankles for that is an understatement :)

I never expected to live through this kind of pandemic in my lifetime- but I guess no one ever does. I pray every night for everyone and I hope you do to. Because of the turmoil and insanity surrounding the last few weeks here in Georgia I cancelled my pre-order. That gave me one less thing to worry about, but I continued to work on the book. You guys are important to me and I wanted to still get Cole out in timely manner.

Thankfully, I finished it and yes, it's four days after the original preorder deadline, but I will take it as a win. I'm sooooo happy to have Cole's story out and I really hope you guys enjoy it.

I plan on putting a preorder up for Liam's story for the last day of May. I want to give myself ample time to work on the project. If I get quarantined (I pray I don't) then it could be out sooner. I hope you guys understand but mostly I hope everyone of you stay safe and healthy.

The last few weeks have been crazy but I'm excited to dive into Liam's story. I'm so happy to have something else to focus on during this time. I'm enjoying writing about him and Irene. They are an unlikely couple, but their chemistry is already off the charts.

Be kind to everyone and take time out of your day to check on your family and friends. It kills me to know people are out there struggling. Thank you for reading this post and if you decide to check out Cole: Love on the Run, I hope you enjoy it.

If you do enjoy it please, please, please with extra coffee on top, leave a review. That helps me out so much as an author :)

Stay safe and healthy and as always I hope you continue to stay tuned....

Cole: Love on the Run


T.C. Clark

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