Reaction to COVID Vaccine, Health Update after the Final Dose, Feb Releases

Updated: Feb 2

Hey guys, I wanted to let you know what's going on with me and COVID Vaccine. I'm writing this at home on my couch with tears in my eyes. I am definitely struggling with this second round of the shot. As of yesterday, I've completed the vaccine.

I was administered the first dose of Moderna-version (026l20m) on 12/28/2020 at my job. I then had to wait four weeks for the 2nd round. I received the second and final dose on 01/25/2021.

Dose 1 symptoms: Mild Chills, Mild was pretty easy but I definitely experienced some symptoms.

Dose 2 symptoms: Extreme Chills, Extreme Dizziness, Extreme Body aches--- as of right now the second dose is whooping my butt.

I've called into work and have spent the whole day contemplating if I should go to the hospital or not. This second dose really hit me like a ton of bricks and I'm really struggling right now.... like called my parents and my boss at 3 am struggling.

I'm decently healthy with only hypothyroidism to worry about. So, I'd hoped I would be okay. But we have noticed a trend with the vaccine in the healthcare workers at our job. It looks like if you've had covid before, the 1st dose is a doozy and can make you sick...If you've never had COVID then the second dose is the one that creates the most symptoms.

Guys, I have to be honest, I am really sick from the 2nd dose, so make sure you leave some time for recovery if you decide to take the vaccine.

I have been sick during this quarantine with the FLU and Strep. But I've never been this kind of sick. Also, I know people who've had little to no reaction to the vaccine. This is my personal experience and observations.

I had to take the vaccine because of the nature of my job. I will update this post if anything else changes.

***Updated 01/28/21-I feel almost completely normal 48 hours later...I have to say it was really rough the day after the vaccine but I got better and I'm glad to say I'm almost back to my normal self. Now that I've had time to reflect, I still think the vaccine has more pros than cons because I cannot even imagine what two weeks of that would have looked like on me. I will say if you've never had COVID and you get the vaccine, try to lighten your workload for the days that follow the 2nd dose. Trust me, if your body responds to it as mine did, you will need the rest--- But it's 01/28/21 @ 1052 am and I'm at work. I pray that this can help contain the spread of COVID and thank you all for being so kind to me.** A quick note to those of you who get the vaccine, right after the second dose I would do a personal self-quarantine for 14 days (I just went to work and ordered my groceries online. Mostly, I'm staying mostly at home with my family - there is a good chance that your immune system is compromised and it will make you more susceptible to viruses.

As of right now, I will be pushing my publishing dates forward because I don't know when I will feel normal again.

I will be sending out Ansley on Feb 8th for my patrons and Feb 11, 2021, for members of my blog (the same day it will be live in the store).

Thank you guys for all of the warm wishes and emails. I will start responding very soon. I hope you guys stay tuned and here are my following release dates:

Feb 2021 Releases

  • The Campbell Brothers Collection 02/10/21

  • Ansley: The Best Kind of Love 02/11/2021

  • Nate: Be Mine 02/25/2021

As Always I wish all of you a fantastic 2021 and I hope you continue to stay tuned. Sincerely, T.C. Clark

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