Covid Vaccine, LLC and Copyright and January Releases

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Merry Christmas Eve everyone. I wanted to check in with an update. It's 657 am on Christmas Eve and I'm still working through my backlist, updating copyright, and creating a company to publish all of my books under.

I'm setting up an LLC because I think the best way to protect my work. So, instead of continually pushing Alek's release date because I will not release anything else until this portion is done- I've worked too hard to build my small backlist to have someone else take credit for it.

I've already applied for the LLC and I am personally updating the copyright and republishing my books back to Amazon. For now, it's Christmas Eve and I'm going to log off of my computer and focus on spending time with my family and loved ones. This especially important to me because as a frontline worker I will be receiving the COVID vaccine next week.

A few pics of me at work

I'm very nervous about it but it has to be done. If you guys want, I can document my symptoms for you. The vaccine is administered in two doses, the initial one (I'm told by people who've had it) doesn't come with too many side effects, but the second dose administered twenty-eight days later could create some symptoms. If you guys want to know about it I don't mind doing two posts describing the initial dose and the second one.

Again, thank you guys so much. I've received a lot of support and some of you have contacted me personally and it means so much to me.

The next time you see a post from me it will contain Amazon links. I hope you guys have a healthy and blessed holiday. I will see you soon :)

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