Did you think Brodrick ended too quickly? There was a reason for that, check out Cole's story

There was a reason I kept Brodrick's ending short and sweet. Find out here what happened that night and how it effects Cole's life as well. Happy endings always come at a cost.....

Cole: Love on the Run (1st Draft/1st look)* may change a bit before the release

Chapter 1

Cole Campbell winced as the overwhelming sounds and smells of his local hospital harassed his senses. His stomach rolled as he tried to sit up, but he forced himself to move.

He had to talk to Brodrick. He’d promised himself that if he’d survived the night, his first words would be to his brother.

Cole’s brain was still foggy, and it took all of his efforts to open his eyes.

Bright lights forced them closed again. What the hell was it about hospitals? Why couldn’t they design a room built for rest? How hard was it to get up off your arse and dim the lights? Maybe even hit the medicine infused scents with a little air freshener.

“We need the lights bright, so we can see what we’re doing, Cole Campbell, and I’d thank you for keeping the cursing to a minimum.”

Damn, he was thinking out loud again, a dangerous sport for a man to take up. He closed his mouth and slowly opened his eyes.

Cole recognized the firm feminine voice. He’d grown up with Jenny Butler, hell he’d even helped her out when one of her boys went on a bender in Britain. He’d dragged her son home by the ear and dropped him on her doorstep.

Jenny placed one hand on his head and frowned. Her normally chipper expression was replaced with concern.

He didn’t like the worry he saw in her clear blue eyes. “How bad is it?”

“It was as bad as it can get. But thanks to our new doctor on staff and the help of several EMTs, you made it. We were so worried about you and Ansley ... Oh, that sweet angel practically haunts you and Gabby’s room.”

“Fuck, I didn’t even think about...” Cole shook his head. “How is Gabby?”

“Mind the cursing, Cole. Gabby is fine. She’s sustained some severe injuries, but she is healing well. Did you know she was an orthopedic surgeon before she came here? She spent hours going over your scans with the doctor. Do you want me to get Ansley? She would be so happy to see you are awake.”

“Not yet, I need to speak to Brodrick, privately. I don’t want anyone else to know I’m awake yet, Jenny. I must speak to Brodrick alone. I need you to do this for me.”

“I have to report you waking up. Cole, you’ve been unconscious for a week. The doctor has some procedures planned for today that we need to cancel.”

“What the hell?!” Cole jerked in the bed, and his head started to pound. Seven days, he needed to talk to Brodrick now! “Jenny, this is important, I only need you to keep quiet until after I speak with him. I’m asking you to help me here.”

“Why privately... you know what, that is none of my business. You’ve helped me out more than once, I owe you this. The doctor is going to do another round at noon. So you’ll have to be done talking to Brodrick by then. By the way, that man who was trying to hurt Gabby, he’s dead. They’re saying he died in a car accident. I say good riddance; he was evil. Her story is all over town now.”

“Thank you, Jenny.” Cole sighed with relief and leaned back against the pillows. The Butlers were good people. Still, he didn’t want to discuss Marc with her. At least Gabby was okay, but what the hell happened while he was asleep.

“Thank you for staying alive. I don’t know what we would have done if anything happened to you. I’ll find Brodrick and bring him here.” Jenny checked his chart once more and vanished from the room. The soft-soled shoes made no sounds as she left.

A few minutes later, Brodrick walked inside. He was surprised to find tears in his brother’s eyes.

Brodrick ran to the bed and hugged him tightly. A sharp pain radiated from his chest wound, but Cole didn’t stop him. He could feel Brodrick’s arms shaking around him, and the reality of the situation finally hit him.

He could have died in Jack’s cabin. Hell, he could remember the peaceful feeling settling over him as he faded into the darkness. A peaceful feeling that was yanked away by a smart ass Swedish man who was determined to keep him alive. Alek had poked and prodded him until Cole opened his eyes and cursed him for his interference.

Alek had kept him alive. He’d been brutal and uncaring of the pain Cole was in, and he knew he owed that man for his life. Tears filled his eyes, and he brushed them away. He could reflect on those overwhelming feelings later.

“Brodrick, what happened with Marc?”

“Marc is dead,” Brodrick said the words clearly, but the emotion in his eyes didn’t match the statement. Where was the joy? Gabby was finally safe.

Cole’s eyes narrowed. “Is he dead for real, or is he Marc’s version of dead?”

“He is dead, dead. We have his body down at the morgue to prove it.” Brodrick sat up on the edge of Cole’s hospital bed and looked down at his hands.

“There was someone else there that night. Before you guys came in, I couldn’t see them, and I couldn’t make out their voice. But I know there were at least two people in the room before you guys found me.”

Brodrick’s expression turned cold, and all traces of emotion cleared from his face. Damn, he knew it, there was more to this story.

“Cole, you’ve done enough. I need you to get some rest. Don’t worry about any of that. We almost lost you in that O.R. All you need to know right now is that you are safe.”

“Brodrick, tell me what the fuck happened right now!”

“Cole, this is my burden to carry. I love you, brother, and you’re alive, that’s all that matters. Now I need to tell the others.”

Brodrick moved to stand, and Cole caught his arm. “Brodrick, is Marc really dead?”

“Yes,” he said firmly.

“And he died in that car crash?”

Brodrick looked away from him. “Yes.”

“You’re not a good liar. You never were,” Cole sighed and sat back against the pillows.


“I took a bullet to the chest. If you think you’re going to keep me out of whatever is going on, you’re crazy. You’re my family, and I always protect the family. You are going to tell me what happened, Brodrick, even if I have to beat it out of you.”

Brodrick sighed. He knew Cole was a man of his word. “Marc is dead, but it wasn’t from the car crash.”

“Then how...”

“I killed him,” Brodrick admitted. His brother stood up and walked over to the window. He looked years older than he had weeks ago.

Brodrick wasn’t a solider. This was going to be a hard story for him to tell, but Cole needed to know exactly what happened.

“Tell me everything...”

I hope you enjoyed the exert from Cole's story Love on Run. I've been hard at work on his story and I think you guys are going to love it. It will definitely answer all of your questions about the ending of Brodrick. I was trying to be mysterious when I left out the details so I could surprise you with some new twists in Cole's story but all I managed to do was piss some of you off. My plan is to work hard and hopefully release Cole before the preorder date, so that all of you who ordered it will get it early. I'm really loving Cole's story so far and I hope you will too. Thanks for checking this post out and I will talk to you guys again next week. I pray all of you are having a blessed new year!


T.C. Clark

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