July 2021 -August 2021: Releases for T.C. Clark, Family Illness and lowering prices :)

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Hi guys and welcome back to my small corner of the webiverse. Here are all the releases coming out soon. I hope you guys enjoy the new stories :)

My father is doing better but still having issues and now my grandmother is in the hospital. But other than that things are finally settling down for me and my family.

Updated 07/20/21- in the last four days my dad has been in the emergency room four times, please keep us in our prayers. I pushed back some of my preorders in order to give me some time to focus on him. I will let you guys know more when I do.

I've lowered all of the Bad Guys Series and the Wallflowers novellas to $0.99 because I've had to delay the release dates during this last year. But they will return to their normal pricing in 2022. I just wanted to do this to say thank you to all of you that stuck by me during this turbulent time in my life and I appreciate all of your prayers and well wishes.

I pray you are all having a wonderful Summer and staying out of the heat. I'm sorry for the delay but I'm excited about the outcome. Please let me know what you think of the stories and I will check back in with you guys very soon :)


T.C. Clark

P.S. I'm also looking for one new beta reader that can start in August. If you are interested please send me an email with the subject listed as a beta reader.

Links to all of the upcoming releases

TC Clark: The Bad Guys Series

Nate and Alek






Jean Claude






Final in Series: Bonus Book

The amazing story of Pearl


TC Marie: The Keepers Series

The Gentle Dragon and the Wild Vampire


The Cunning Werewolf


The Notorious Vampire


Aurora Clark: The Jones Brothers Series (co-author)

Taming Mr. Jones


Seducing Mr. Jones


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