Liam is out and will be live on 07/28/2020

Liam Link:

Hey, everyone Liam's preorder is active and his story will be live on Amazon on Tuesday. I've already released it to the $5.00 tier on my Patreon and I'm hoping to hear what they think soon.

Thank you guys for your patience and I really hope you enjoy his story. Personally, he is my favorite Campbell brother so far. I've already started on Tatum and I will release the 1st 1k words of his story in a couple of weeks.

I pray all of you are safe and well. I've been really excited about writing and I've been working on my release schedule for the following months. Right now, I'm working on the Alek Hansen's cover and lord, he is fine, lol.

Anyway, I will be checking in with you guys soon. I hope you enjoy Liam's story and I can't wait to show you Tatums :)

Liam Link:

Liam's Synopsis:

Irene James knows what she wants from a man, and sis, Liam Campbell isn’t it. She knew the power famous men had and did her best to stay well out of their way. She'd moved to New Orleans to open her dream business and help care for her nephew. Everything was going great until her best friend showed up and brought with her the aggravating and stupidly sexy Liam Campbell.

Liam Campbell was a man who lived his life to the fullest. It had taken a lot of hard work to build his international restaurant franchise. He'd learned during that period that anything worth having comes with a little pain.

When he meets Irene James he is shaken to his core. The shy beauty is exactly what he needs and he wasn't about to walk away. With the help of a few unlikely friends, he sets up a course of seduction.

Can Irene resist the sexy chef or will Liam have his way with the wary Chemist? Tune in here to find out…..

Here's a look at Tatum:

Tatums Link:

Tatum's Synopsis:

Tatum Campbell had always been the most elusive brother of the bunch. He liked the order he'd set up in his life, and love was definitely not on his agenda. He had watched his brothers fall victim to love, and although he was happy for them, he had other plans for his life. Plans that were being challenged by his feisty new colleague.

Sabrina Richardson was the new professor in town, and she loved every minute of it. She'd landed a teaching position at one of the top universities in Scotland. She'd worked hard for the job, and her students were adjusting well to unusual teaching methods.

Everything was going great until the chief of the Science department arrived at her door with questions about her curriculum. Tatum Campbell was condescending, arrogant, and sexy as hell. The chemistry between them was unwanted but undeniable. Can Tatum and Sabrina fight the tension building between them, or will Tatum end up just like his brothers?

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