Maks: The Mountain Man's Crush

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

A Wallflower’s Series Novella

Maks Stravanos is a simple man. He lives every day like it’s his last. He learned the hard way that tomorrow is never promised. But even he knows the party can’t go on forever. After years on the road, he finds himself lost and his art suffers. He retires to his fortress in the mountains, the one place he’s ever really called home.  One day while visiting his brother, he bumps into his secretary.  A woman who hides her beauty under misshapen suits and a sharp tongue. He tries to let her go, but every time they meet his instincts scream at him to take her for his own. He’s never been a man to chase a woman, but chase he shall if it means getting Leslie into his bed.

Leslie isn’t a fool. Once burned, twice shy. She knew what Maks was really like under that charming Mountain Man persona. And anyway she’s on a mission to spice up her life. She already has a sexy makeover planned, and she doesn’t have time to deal with a man who can’t even remember her face. She decides to avoid him at all costs, but fate can be a real dick sometimes.

After a deadly run-in with a now dead serial killer, she is banished to the mountains of Colorado to heal up and guess who owns the freaking mountain. Maks has decided that he wants her and every day he gets harder to resist. Maybe it’s the Colorado air... maybe she’s a dumbass. She knows in her heart that Maks is trouble and hot damn, trouble has never looked so good!!!!

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