Nate: Be Mine & Alek: Falling for the Infamous Hitman is LIVE! Preorder Cancelled for Early Release

Updated: Apr 22, 2021



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Everlasting love with a sensual bite!

Alek Hansen has spent years outrunning his past. It took years, but he was finally settling into his new life. So when an old friend calls in a favor, he isn't happy. But Alek had a thing about honor, and he knew he couldn't ignore his call. So, being the excellent friend that he is, he hops on a plane and enters a world filled with white-collar crime, bounty seeking killers, and a deadly virus. This world is familiar to him, but not the woman who saves his life.

Elsa Wentworth was not a person who attended parties, but after some recent events at her previous place of employment, she decides a change of pace is exactly what she needs. She reunites with her former bestie with the hopes of figuring out her next step in life.

Elsa reluctantly agrees to a night of fun, and they arrive at their destination buzzed and wary. But as soon as she looks around, all of the red flags in her common sense go off. After a series of unfortunate events, she ends going on the run with a hitman with a heart of gold.

After that night, Elsa becomes Alek's responsibility, and the sexy scientist has all kinds of feelings about his decision. Alek and Elsa go on a journey that forces them to examine the fragile love that is growing between them.

Can they survive in this new world or will Alek's past finally catch up to him and end their love before they can really begin?

Part Two

Nate Rodriguez is a man who knew loss well. He'd spent his life serving his country and protecting the innocent. Still, personally, he'd lost everyone he'd loved. After a while he started to believe he was cursed, that was until he met Desiree Brown.

Desiree Brown was at an interesting spot in her life. She'd just gone through a brutal divorce, she'd taken a step back from her plus-size modeling career, and now she was trying to rebuild her life. She'd lost a lot during her marriage, and most of it she wouldn't be able to get back.

In an effort to reconnect with her past, she invites her former best friend out to her home. She had no idea how that decision would affect the rest of her life. Because of Elsa, she meets a man that turns her world upside down and shows her what true love really is.

Can this private investigator restart a former model's, broken heart?

Tune in here to find out...

**Cancelled the preorder and opted for early release because I wanted to take out the Colin preview section, as the ending of his story has changed, decided to release a day early to apologize for the inconvenience :)


I also moved Colin: Loving the Solider to May 30th, 2021, This gives me ample time to have it edited and re-edited. I would like to deliver more quality products for you guys.

I keep trying to push myself to write faster, but then I end up having less time to edit. Doing this allows me to finish each book a month earlier, because I'm pretty much done with Colin right now.

I moved all of the books by a month to allow for this and will pause Patreon billing for May for all of my current Patrons.

I really needed to do this not only for my mental heath so I can maintain deadlines but also to produce a better book each month with less editing errors.

I hope you guys understand and as always I pray you continue to stay tuned...


T.C. Clark

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