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Updated: Jan 10, 2020

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Hi, guys! I'm almost finished updating Brodrick. I finally got my preorders setup again and I will update this post with a link to it as soon as it's live. I'm sorry for the delay. I just started Grad School and last week was spent mostly prepping and implementing those new tasks into my schedule and figuring out where my writing would go as well. Postponing the release really gave me the breathing room I needed to start off 2020 right.

For those of you who are looking forward to his story I've included a preview. I'm so very excited for this new series. Its similar to the Wallflowers but I'm hoping that since I've written so much over the last year that the stories will show that growth.

I'm still working every day to become a better writer for you guys by sourcing and finding better editors, proofreaders and beta readers. I appreciate each and every message of encouragement you send. You have no idea how much that means to me!

I really hope you check out the Campbell brothers. Don't forget if you were subscribed to my blog before December 27th, 2019. I've sent you an email with a link to a free copy of Nikos part 1. That offer will expire by January 15, 2020. Please check it out a.s.a.p, that link my be in your spam folder so check there if you haven't received it.

Preview: Brodrick: A Dark Romance with the Notorious Scot!

A big man is a dangerous one if they never learn self-control. His father's ominous words replayed in his mind as he walked around his living room.

Brodrick Campbell was furious. This state wasn’t unusual for him. He was notorious because of his temper. He’d thought age would dull that particular character flaw, but it seemed time didn’t fix everything.

Back in his younger days his temperament had aided his career, but now there was nowhere for him to vent his excess energy. The life of a farmer was interesting but very dull.

So when a new threat showed up in his life and he could feel his temper fraying around the edges he knew he had to act fast. He wasn’t a young man anymore. He had responsibilities. He would have to figure out how to deal with this new obstacle quietly.

Brodrick’s number one priority was keeping his Ansley happy. His daughter's life was hard enough as it was. He’d worked hard over the last few years to build the best possible environment for her to thrive in.

Now there was a stranger with a bad reputation moving into Uncle Jack’s cottage just down the road. How in the hell could his uncle let this happen? His brothers had no idea of the catastrophe that awaited them upon their arrival for their monthly dinner. They were all assigned one job by their dying mother; keep the Campbell land for their descendants.

It wasn’t a complicated errand. She’d made the task as simple as possible. She’d spent her life making sure that their lives would be easier than hers.

So far, all four of the brothers had lived up to her image. Each of them was successful in their own chosen paths. Brodrick was the oldest. He’d understood that this land would ultimately be his responsibility, and he accepted the mantle with open arms.

He’d definitely had a rocky start. Brodrick saved half of his income from his career in rugby for this endeavor, and now he was finally reaping the rewards. He grew and processed spring barley for whiskey distilleries. The Campbell land was providing, and he knew that the legacy he left behind would benefit the generations to come.

Brodrick didn’t believe in failure, and he damn sure would not allow anyone to alter his goal. He closed his eyes as he tried to calm the extreme emotion, but nothing was working. He’d run the land early this morning, hoping that each step would bring peace back to his soul. Even the cold morning air couldn’t touch the fury in the pit of his stomach.

Brodrick walked over to the large window and looked down at the fields below. Everywhere his eyes touched was Campbell land, or at least it used to be.

His uncle left his inheritance to a nurse he’d only known for a few months.

According to his cousin, the scheming gold digger weaseled her way into the old man's heart and turned him against her. Jessica was his blood and Jack’s will excluded his daughter completely. He didn’t understand how a father could turn his back on his own child.

Brodrick hadn’t spoken to his uncle for years. They’d only communicated through Jessica. Jack was his father’s brother. They had a falling out years ago and had never gotten around to making up. Once their dad passed away, his mother had decided against mending the broken relationship. Unfortunately, the Campbell’s were professional grudge holders.

The anger behind whatever went down between their parents hadn’t really affected their relationship as kids. All of the brothers felt protective over her.

To be honest he hadn’t looked after his cousin as much as she deserved. Having Ansley and raising her alone was the hardest thing he’d ever done. She took up all of the room in his mind and heart. From a distance, Brodrick had watched Jessica slowly spiral out of control. He’d hoped his uncle would step in and help his only child but obviously Jack was still the same bitter old man he remembered from his youth.

It enraged him to see his uncle’s weaknesses so clearly. What happened to parents taking responsibility? Part of being a man was protecting the ones you loved.

“Dad, are ya very mad?” Ansley asked from the hallway.

Brodrick’s little girl watched him from the other side of the room. Her cobalt blue eyes anxiously shifted from him to the window. She knew him well. Whenever he was in a foul mood he would stand in this spot and remember his time as a boy.

His father had the same temper, and he’d taken special care to ensure Brodrick knew how to control it. His heart softened as he looked at his little girl. She was the one good thing in his world.

Instantly, his expression lifted. He wouldn’t do anything to upset Ansley. His baby had been through enough. He would talk about this later with his brothers.

He walked over to her, leaned down, and ruffled her thin ash blonde hair. It was hard to believe how much his life changed after her.

Once a famous rugby player, now a single dad running the family farm. As different as his life was now, he wouldn’t change a thing. Ansley had brought color to his world when she was born. Her fingers curled around the golden handles of the specially made wheelchair.

“No, baby. I just need to talk to your uncles that’s all.”

“You don’t like our new neighbor, do you?” she asked. Ansley wasn’t a fool. She was an intuitive little kid.

“Not really, but don’t worry about that,” he said honestly. If he could help it, he never lied to Ansley. He absolutely hated liars. “Did you finish your snack?”

“Yep, that was the best strawberry ice cream I’ve ever had.”

Brodrick smiled. She said that about every ice cream flavor. “So you’re ready for daddy and daughter date night?”

Ansley nodded, “I already got the movie picked out.”

Please, please, please God don’t let it be Frozen again. His daughter had an obsessive mind when it came to movies.

Brodrick held his breath. “Which one did you choose?”

“You know which one, daddy.”

He sighed, shrugged his massive shoulders, and pasted a fake smile on his face.

The next couple of hours would be tortuous. “Start it up and I’ll be there in five minutes.”

Ansley nodded and rolled her wheelchair out of the door. He’d personally redesigned his family home to suit her needs. Each floor was angled and sanded in a way to make it easier for a wheelchair to move across it. Still, she sometimes struggled with the corners.

He forcibly ignored his instinct to help. Ansley hated it when he treated her differently. He watched her from the corner of his eye until she was safely out of the room.

Brodrick forced his breathing to calm. He needed to relax; now was not the time to break. He turned back to the window. His eyes automatically searched the land until they saw his uncle’s old house in the distance.

There was a bright red Honda parked in front of it. His uncle’s damn Honda. He gritted his teeth to keep the curse from escaping his lips. He would deal with their neighbor soon enough.

Responsibility wasn’t the only reason he’d chosen to come home and restart the family farm. He loved this place because it was the safest spot for his daughter.

This was his family’s land, and he wouldn’t allow an outsider to sully it.

Yesterday, Marcy, the local realtor, had contacted him with news of the mysterious woman’s plans.

The woman who’d taken possession of his uncle’s land was eager to sell it to the highest bidder. Jessica’s story was starting to seem real….

I hope you enjoyed this preview. The book WILL be live by Sunday of this week. I will send you out a blog alert as soon as its avaible.

Thank you for your time and as always I hope you stay tuned :)

T.C. Clark

Happy 2020!!!!

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