Saturday Morning Check-In--January Releases, Starting off with a bang for 2021

Hi everyone, welcome to 2021, 2020 can kick rocks!!!

I've officially started working four days a week at my job. I've spent the last week compiling my publishing schedule for 2020 and I wanted to share my pennames with you guys. So you know what I'll be doing all year.

I have an extremely packed schedule, but I also have the support to handle it. I will be writing all year long. But I also plan on restarting my podcast TC: The Invisible Writer: Writer Diaries and my Youtube channel that features a Tell me more Tuesdays. In Tell Me More Tuesdays, I tell you about different folklore, myths, or anything generally mysterious to me.

I've included a copy of my schedule for this year.

Also, these are my New Year Resolutions for 2021:

New Years Resolutions

1. Publish 2 novellas at the end of the month 35 to 40k words each

2. Interact with my Patrons every week

3. Grow my social media

4. Become a better author

5. Write Daily

6. Strengthen my Mental Health and my Self Discipline

7. Stay on Deadline and release on schedule

I hope you tell me yours :)

I hope you guys are looking forward to the new books that are coming out this year. Here are the following links: They are listed in order of their release date:

Pennames: TC Clark, TC Marie, Aurora Clark

The Keeper's Series: Part 1: The Gentle Dragon and The Wild Vampire


Ansley: The Best Kind of Love


**If you are subscribed to my blog or Patreon, you will be receiving a link from me next week via book funnel for your free copy of Ansley, you will have 5 days to download it before the link expires**

The Campbell Brother Collection Books 1-5


Alek: A Winter Affair with the Infamous Hitman


Nate: Be My Valentine:


Colin: Loving the Solider


Taming Mr. Jones


The Cunning Werewolf


Seducing Mr. Jones


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