The Campbell Brothers Collection is LIVE


The Collection is live right now :) I will be sending a free copy of Ansley out on the 12th, so that anyone who preordered it can get access first ( I feel that's fair, if you are a patreon member you have already received your copy) I really hope you guys enjoy Ansley's Novella and here is the link to the collection in case you want to check it out now and you have kindle unlimited :)

Thank you guys again for all of the support. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.


T.C. Clark

The Campbell Brothers Collection Book 1-5

Synopsis: Several stories featuring everlasting love with a sensual bite. Join the Campbell family while they find love and acceptance with the women of their dreams. If you love happy endings, a bit of mystery, and men who refuse to give up... this bundle is for you.

The stories included in this bundle are:

Brodrick: A Dark Romance with the Notorious Scot!

Cole: Love on the Run

Liam: One Night with the Wicked Chef!

Tatum: Taming the Professor

Ansley: The Best Kind of Love

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