The Keeper Series: The Gentle Dragon and The Wild Vampire


Hi everyone, Happy New Year!!!

I ended up redoing and relisting the Keeper Series. This book contains the first two novellas. I think doing this will create a better understanding of the world I'm building for the Siren Sisters. I hope you guys check it out.

Alek will be out by this Sunday and the next time I email you guys it will contain his live link. I hope you guys are ready for this new series, I'm really excited about it.


*Originally Published in 2018, Updated and Republished for a new series in 2021*

The Gentle Dragon

Opal Amant is the very definition of a bookworm...give her a book, a cup of coffee, and a dusty room and she is in heaven. She serves her coven by offering her protection via her mad spellcasting skills, and wisdom in all things related to witchcraft... all she asks for in return is a little peace and quiet.

So when her sister sends her on a journey to collect some information she is annoyed...but when that trip is interrupted by a possessive dragon and what looks to be an assassination attempt she is well and truly pissed. Suddenly she is falling in love and her orderly world is shattered and replaced by something magical and she finds herself putting down her books and taking up arms to protect a man who has somehow found a way into her heart.

The Wild Vampire

Nate Rodriguez is not a good guy nor does he play one on T.V. But even he has his limits so when Venom, a drug that affects supernaturals spreads to his neighborhood, he steps in to investigate and uncovers a conspiracy that threatens all living things. Anise Amant is the typical good girl, always helping others and acting as the resident mother of the coven, as the keeper of the earth...the shoe fits her eco-friendly foot. While she is still recovering from a brutal divorce, and feeling pretty lost in the world, she is charged with the task of investigating her best friend Taren.​

When their paths cross, there are not only fireworks, but earth-shattering explosions, and Anise finds herself helping a traitor, betraying her coven, and falling in love...basically, she does all the things good girls are not supposed to do.

Want to see what happens when two alpha males meet their matches? Tune in here to find out?


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