Time for a change...

Hey everyone. I wanted to let you all know how much I’ve appreciated your support over the last year. But I've decided to take a break from writing as TC Clark and publishing via Amazon Pre-order.

I’m moving all of my future TC Clark and TC Marie releases to Kindle Vella for now.

I will upload the full copy to Amazon Kindle Unlimited once its completed there. This method of publishing takes the pressure off of finishing a new completed novella within a short period.

As you know I’ve been dealing with a lot in my personal life and it's been really messing with my mental health. I tried to have a fresh start this year but I have to be realistic.

Between work, personal life, and other struggles writing, specifically finishing the bad guys series, have been difficult.

When I started the series I was at the lowest point in my depression and I believe it showed in my work. Every time I try to revisit my writing I feel those same emotions all over again.

I still want to complete the series but doing so in Kindle Vella will allow me to release it in 5000 words increments until its completed. I believe this will take the pressure off of the threat of a deadline.

Thank you guys for always being there for me and I appreciate your support and understanding during this time. I hope that this change will reignite my love for writing.

Thank you for everything :)


T.C. Clark

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