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Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Hey guys, I just wanted to check in and see how all of you are doing. I'm doing well my house is still on quarantine until the end of August, so that's fun. I got tested for COVID- I'm still negative I just have strep so that is my August in a nutshell :)

Updated (09.01.2020): After I got sick again, this time with the FLU....

I moved Tatum's release on Amazon. So it will be live later in September. I decided to have his release happen after my two year anniversary of my first ever book on Amazon.

I've also updated Alek's date and price as well, I turned him to $0.99 :)

On September 7, 2020, Nikos: the Greek's Downfall will be free on Amazon for any of you who want to download it and on September 10th, 2020, Nikos: The Greek's Mistress will be free for the day. Both of these promotions will run for one day.

All of you on the five dollar tier on Patreon will receive a link for Tatum by midnight on three days before its release on Amazon. I hope you guys enjoy the promotions going on during Septemeber. I set them up as a thank you for all of your support. I'm really excited about the end of The Campbell Brothers and can't wait to introduce you to my team of Bad Guys (Alpha makes with sexy tales).

Right now I want to give you a small preview to Tatum's story. So without further ado here are the 1k of Tatum's story:

Tatum Campbell walked along the sandy beach on one of the many islands of the Bahamas. His family had crashed their brother's honeymoon at the request of his new wife. 

It was an odd request, but one he'd come to expect from his kin. So far, every member of the Campbell family was enjoying the mini-vacation. Tatum smiled as his mind flashed back to the moment Liam realized they were all there. 

His ordinarily cool brother hadn't been able to hide his anger at their presence. His reaction didn't matter in the least, because Irene had personally invited all of them to join. 

Last night, Irene had thrown a party to tell Liam about her pregnancy. The joy on Liam's face more than made up for the attitude he'd initially given them. His little brother was going to be a father, and that was something everyone wanted to celebrate. 

After the party, the Campbell family began their departure immediately. Brodrick and Gabby wanted to get Ansley back to Scotland to allow time to prepare for a round of corrective surgeries.  Cole and Mel had a case in Italy, and her pregnancy made it difficult for her to travel. Cole had asked Alek and Nate to join them. He'd told everyone it was because of the duo's skill set, but it was clear how worried he was. Admittedly, Tatum was happy Alek and Nate were joining them as well. 

Nate and Alek's arrival on the island had been met with excitement. The Campbells hadn't seen much of them in a while. The two men had spent the last year working a case in the states. Gabby and Ansley had pulled them aside as soon as they arrived and interrogated them on their personal lives. 

Tatum laughed; he could still remember the embarrassed look on their faces. They knew Alek and Nate through Gabby. They'd both spent a lot of time protecting and guarding Brodrick's wife. They were now officially a part of the family. 

Tatum had seen both of them in action and was fully aware that they were trained killers, but no one who saw them today would believe that to be true. 

Ansley and Gabby had embarrassed them both with their endless questions and hugs. The two men could now understand precisely how Tatum felt. Those two ladies were tough to shake.

Tatum loved his family, but now that his other brothers were married, everyone expected him to be next. He didn't want to disappoint them, but he knew that fate wasn't for him. 

Tatum stopped walking and sat down on the warm sand. He watched the waves crash against the shore with a frown. It was crazy to think about how different things were now. 

All of his brothers had fallen victim to love. He knew his phrasing was a bit harsh, but that's how it seemed. The once happily single brothers were now married and expecting babies.

Tatum was the last Campbell left standing, and he wasn't going out like the rest of them. Sure, he was happy for his brothers. The new additions to their family were fantastic, but Tatum knew himself well. He was a lone wolf; he had been since he was a kid. 

There was only one woman on the planet that’d ever gotten close to his heart, and Marissa had taught him a valuable lesson. Love wasn't for him. He could still remember the look on her face when he walked away. 

Tatum never again wanted to be responsible for someone else's happiness. He loved his life as it was, and he wasn't going to change a thing. 

That still left him in a hard place. Now that the rest of the Campbell men were settling down, he knew Ansley was going to focus all of her energy on him. His little niece had hatched a determined plan to get all of them married off before she reached sixteen. 

She knew that she would never catch a break if she was the only kid in the Campbell family, and although Tatum firmly knew what he wanted, he really hated upsetting Ansley. 

Ansley was his favorite kid in the world, and he didn't want to let her down. He needed to figure out what he was going to say to her when he returned to Scotland. 

Each uncle took Ansley out at least once a month, and the brothers had already confirmed that they would continue to do so. All of them knew there would come a time when Ansley no longer wanted to go out, but until that time came, their tradition would remain. 

That meant he needed to figure out what he was going to tell Ansley before they met up again. Tatum shook his head; he was going to have to be honest. 

Ansley managed to see three of the four brothers settle down. His niece would have to be satisfied with that. He did have other pressing issues to worry about. 

In all of Tatum's life, he'd never really had many enemies. Typically, that was because he took care of them before they could evolve into anything more. But right now, he had a cunning one, and he needed to figure out how to deal with her. 

Sabrina Richardson was one of the new professors his university sought out. She was famous in her field and had published many impressive, analytical works on ancient artifacts. 

That alone earned her respect from the alumni of the school. But while she was insanely intelligent, she was also a sharp pain in his ass. She'd spent most of her time undermining his rules and generally leaving the science department in chaotic disarray. 

Tatum needed order; order kept things running smoothly, and it had taken years for him to whip his department into shape. If her attitude wasn't bad enough, he was also slowly becoming obsessed with her. 

When Sabrina arrived, he knew immediately she was going to be in trouble. His body's natural reaction to her was dangerous and unwanted. Sabrina was gasoline to his fire, and he had no idea how to fight that. 

As stupid as it was, he wanted the infuriating woman. She was smart enough to capture his mind but so incredibly sexy that she haunted his dreams. He'd spent the last few months fighting his desire for her...

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek and I can't wait for you to hear his tale....


T.C. Clark

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